Foxtail Farms Training Program

Foxtail Farms offers a comprehensive training program based out of a beautiful facility in Elk Grove, California. Founded in 1990, Foxtail Farms is owned and operated by Denise Parker and managed by Denise and her daughter Jennifer.

Here at Foxtail Farms, each horse recieves a personally developed program, customized to their individual requirements. This consists of professional rides, lessons, turn-outs, and more.

The Foxtail Farms staff and trainers have an extroardinary amount of experience between them, from starting young horses and new riders to preparing more experienced students for successes in the equitation and medals, as well as the prestigious Hunter Derbies and Grand Prix’s.

Whether you are looking for a program for your unstarted prospect, your child’s pony, or your experienced equine partner, we have a place for you and your horse.