Equine Imports

Since 2006, Foxtail Farms has offered a unique service to our clients and fellow horse-riding enthusiasts. Denise and Jennifer usually take at least two trips per year to Germany on horse buying expeditions. Clients who commit to buying horses have the choice of keeping it for themselves or reselling it for profit.

The importation of horses into the U.S. provides a very unique investment opportunity. Foxtail Farms boasts an incredible success rate of nearly 90% at doubling your original investment within six months or less. Our personal record is an astounding two days, with other successes in the range of two weeks to two months.

Horses in training with Foxtail Farms and included in the Foxtail Sale Program sell on average in four months with an average profitable return of 50% to 150% of your investment.


In general, Germany has a larger breeding foundation than we do here in the U.S. This means more horses and competitive prices. So whether you are looking for your next Junior Hunter, experienced 1.40m jumper, or a dynamic young investment horse, let us know the exact specifications and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

We are happy to make all the arrangements involved in importing your horse, including flight plans and hotel rooms, side trips and dinner reservations, as well as the actual process involved in the veterinary exam, flight, quarantine, and shipping aspects of bringing home your new horse.

The list of most prices and costs involved in importing are located on our | Prices | page. Initial costs too high right now? We may be able to arrange a partnership between two or more parties to reduce the costs involved in buying, importing, and maintaining a horse. Contact us for details, or if you have any questions!